Activités pré-forum

Public Lecture at Bahir Dar University

The Tana Forum, in collaboration with Bahir Dar University, organizes a public lecture on the eve of the Forum in order to involve young people in the Forum. Universities are ideal platforms to actively engage the young generation on peace and security issues on the continent as they will become future leaders, policy and decision makers, and researchers.

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Annual University Essay Competition

The Tana Forum Annual University Essay Competition is one of a series of pre-forum activities organized by the Secretariat aimed at facilitating discussions on the theme of the year. This year’s theme, “Political Dynamics in the Horn of Africa: Securing the Emerging Peace Trend”, reflects the urgent need to discuss, debate and establish a thorough understanding of the principle of ownership by the AU in delivering its mandate, particularly in the peace and security landscape.

Now in its fifth year, the annual essay competition is further aimed at obtaining views from the youth on various peace and security challenges faced across the continent. The competition is open to African nationals enrolled in higher education institutions based in Africa and the diaspora.

Ambassadors’ Briefing

Each year, diplomatic representatives from various embassies in Addis Ababa attend the annual Ambassadors’ Briefing held in preparation of the Tana Forum. This is an opportunity for diplomats to inform themselves of the content and protocol of the year’s Forum, as well as communicate to their home countries the significance of the issues that will be discussed at the Forum.

Multi-Stakeholder Pre-Forum

The primary objective of the multi-stakeholder pre-forum is to draw attention to the current peace and security agenda in Africa, deepen policymakers’ understanding in this area, and encourage them to implement agreed-upon policies in their respective countries or region (“from policy to practice”). The meeting aims to make open, critical and substantive contributions to the theme from a policy and technical level perspective.

Experts Workshop

The Tana Forum Secretariat organizes an annual Experts Workshop to review and analyze documents produced for the Forum. The workshop brings together experts from across the continent to provide input on documents that will guide the Forum discussion, such as the annual State of Peace and Security in Africa (SPSA) report and Tana Policy Papers, both of which are specially published for the Forum each year.