Les dynamiques politiques dans la corne de l’Afrique: Entretenir les tendances pacficiques émergentes

03 – 04 May 2019 | BAHIR DAR, ETHIOPIA

Pourquoi Tana compte

Pourquoi Tana compte

Dialoguer est essentiel au règlement des conflits et à la transformation des sociétés. En cultivant la franchise, la pertinence et la sincérité, le Forum de Tana est à l’avant-garde des efforts d’instauration d’un dialogue entre celles et ceux qui font ou influencent les politiques du continent.

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Unwinding the Political Stalemate in Somalia

By Ndubuisi Christian Ani, PhD   In the last two years, the internal political situation in Somalia has worsened dramatically at a time when the African Union (AU) mission in Somalia (AMISOM) is planning an exit by 2021. From the initial discord over a decision...

Cautious optimism over the revitalized South Sudan peace deal

By Ndubuisi Christian Ani, PhD   By 12 May 2019, South Sudan is expected to reconstitute a new transitional government in line with a revitalized deal reached on 12 September 2018. But the delays in finalizing the pre-arrangements have exposed the fragility of...

Implications of foreign bases on the Horn of Africa’s stability

By Ndubuisi Christian Ani, PhD Just 4 countries in the Horn of Africa are hosts to 10 foreign military bases while more foreign bases are being negotiated. Djibouti alone hosts 6 of the foreign bases operated by the United States (US), France, Italy, Japan, China and...



















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