Introducing our newly redesigned website
April 3, 2019

We are pleased to announce our newly redesigned website with you. It has been two years since we last redesigned the Tana Forum website and we decided this year that it was time for a refresh. The IPSS communications team with the support of a consultancy centred on accommodating mobile users, present a friendly and easy to navigate virtual experience that is a representation of Tana high-level Forum as an informal space.

We have streamlined the main categories of the website to Registration, About, Latest, Tana 2019 and Archives. This is aimed to enable easy navigation for the user.

Overall, we have aimed to create a familiar but modern look and feel using the 2019 Tana Forum theme colours of crimson, yellow and dark purple.

We invite you to explore the new pages and let us know what you think through our official social media accounts or email