Day 6 (Closing Ceremony) SATURDAY, 24 OCTOBER 2020

  • Voices from Tana (Interviews),
  • SESSION III Making the AfCFTA Work, and

Voices from Tana Key Takeaways:

H.E. Hailemariam Desalegn, Fmr. Prime Minister, Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

“Africa can use its comparative advantage to create jobs by enhancing the entrepreneurial capacities of young people.”

“Africa has the advantage of the age structure and needs to create jobs for its young population.”

“Preparedness is important for bouncing back and recovery. Need to think of transformational changes post COVID-19.”

Rev. Dr. Fidon Mwombeki, General Secretary, All Africa Conference of Churches (AACC)

“[The Coronavirus Pandemic] has exposed weaknesses in governments in terms of justice and anti-corruption measures.”

“COVID 19 has not caused problems between countries but it has caused problems within countries.”

“COVID 19 has revealed the innovative nature and spirit of Africans….There has been a lot of ingenuity in Africa. It has shown that Africa can produce and even process its own food, medicine, ventilators, hospital beds and PPEs. This is the potential the AfCFTA can help to accelerate.”

“CSOs can educate citizens and popularize the CFTA, and hold governments to their commitments to the AfCTA.”

Semiha Abdulmehik, Tana Technical Committee “The benefits of the AfCFTA aren’t automatic, especially for women. Therefore, we need to specifically strengthen the role of female entrepreneurs.”

“Moving forward we must ensure that the capacity of women, to draw attention to policy issues and resolve security issues, is integrated into formal processes.”

“The question of the day is, how we can leverage cross-sectoral networks and platforms of women to ensure there is adequate communication on the grassroots level on the AfCFTA, there is advocacy with governments that the implementation is gender- sensitive and inclusive?”

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