New Additions to Tana Forum Board and Committee
March 28, 2024

The Tana Forum Secretariat is pleased to announce the latest addition of a new board member, Amb. Tekeda Alemu, a career diplomat with over forty years of experience, to our esteemed Tana Board.

In addition, the Secretariat would like to announce the selection of 5 new members in to the Tana Technical Committee. These members are renowned experts in the field of peace, security and development in Africa. Their composition brings distinguished experts to serve as Technical Committee members, each representing distinct regions of Africa. Furthermore, one of the appointed members has been nominated by the PAPS Commissioner to serve as the crucial liaison between the PAPS Commission and our esteemed Institute. Their profiles can be viewed on our platform_____[]

These experts have already begun their collaborative efforts to make the Tana High-Level Forum on Security in Africa a truly African platform. Their extensive knowledge and expertise are poised to significantly enhance our collective endeavors as we strive to fulfil our mission and vision. We extend a warm welcome to each of them and eagerly anticipate the valuable contributions they will make to our organization.